Dunkirk – Movie Review

Here’s my review of Christopher Nolan’s latest film ‘Dunkirk’ starring Fionn Whitehead, Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh.

In May 1940, Germany advanced into France, trapping Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk. Under air and ground cover from British and French forces, troops were slowly and methodically evacuated from the beach using every serviceable naval and civilian vessel that could be found. At the end of this heroic mission, 330,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers were safely evacuated.

‘Dunkirk’ hits theaters July 21, 2017


The Dark Knight Trilogy 4K Blu-Ray In The Works

Wth Dunkirk approaching theaters in less than two weeks, Nolan sat down for an interview with BadTaste.It (h/t Batman-News), where he spoke about restoring his back catalogue of films to 4K. His love for crisp and dynamic images should come with no surprise since he’s one of the last directors who still insists on shooting with film.

“The wonderful thing about 4K technology is it gets closer to the resolution that we shot in film,” he tells the outlet. “Photochemically finished films of 35mm have at least 6K resolution, IMAX films, upwards of 18K. So as home video formats keep evolving, 4K — particularly 4K with HDR, it allows us to give somebody at home an experience that’s much much closer to what it was like to see the original film prints as projected on film.”

Nolan also confirmed that he is very involved with the restoration process, however, don’t expect to see the 4K versions right away “It’s a long, complicated process that we’re doing right now, but I think the results I’m seeing are very pleasing and very spectacular.” Check out the video with Christopher Nolan below.